1. Clear This Junk Will Remove Any Rubbish Except Loose Soil and Hardcore (Rubble , Bricks, Plasterboard etc)
  2. We will NOT remove asbestos
  3. We will not remove and electric or gas cooker unless it is already disconnected.
  4. Mattresses Incur a surcharge of £25.00 each
  5. Fridges, Freezers Incur a Surcharge of £50.00 each
  6. Gas Bottles Incur a Surcharge of £50.00 each
  7. CRT Monitors and Televisions Incur a Surcharge of £15 each
  8. Car Tyres incur a surcharge of £9 each
  9. Large Items will only be collected from outside your property. If you require removal of large items from inside, you take any responsibility for any damage caused. We will not be liable for any damage or injury caused by removing anything from inside.
  10. Using Our Services means you agree to our terms and conditions
  11. Clear This Junk Will Only Use Authorised Materials Reclamation Facilities to Dispose Of Your Junk. We Charge Accordingly.
  12. A Visit To Quote is Always Free. If We Do The Job There and Then There Will be No Call Out Charge, If We Have To Come Back At A Later Date, A £30 Call Out Charge Will Be Applied.