About Our Rubbish Removal Company

clearthisjunk About Our Rubbish Removal Company
20170904 172728 About Our Rubbish Removal Company
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With over 30 years in the house clearance and rubbish removal business, you can rest assured, Clear This Junk know what they are doing and will do it properly.

Although Clear This Ltd is a brand new company, we have been trading as Lancashire House Clearance for a long time.

So why the new company ?

Following the closure of our previous company due to a change of circumstances. (The Director had to devote more time to his other business’s.)

We formed a new company rather than continue with the old one. The main reason for this was the challenge of launching a new business. Starting from scratch almost.

The other reason is, as a new company we are not VAT registered which means we don’t have to add VAT.

We are however, Fully Licensed and Insured and we do the job the right way for you and our planet. After all, there is no Planet B


Clear This Junk is the rubbish removal arm of Clear This Ltd.

clearthisjunk About Our Rubbish Removal CompanyWe have taken over from Lancashire Clearance Services in the running of Lancashire House Clearance and Clear This Junk. 

Exactly the same team, same service but the bad new is, we no longer charge VAT.
Yes that’s right, New Company, Under The VAT Threshold Means We Do Not Have To Add VAT At The Moment.
This will not last forever so book your quote NOW